SMA Thank You Campaign

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SMA Thank You Campaign


The Saskatchewan Medical Association wanted to thank the public for doing their part in flattening the curve and encourage people to continue social distancing and sanitizing practices.


Shooting video under COVID-19 restrictions was a challenge we had to work around. As well, working to an extremely tight deadline and having our staff work from home were other obstacles that made this project particularly challenging.


Our solution called for the families of Saskatchewan doctors to capture their words of gratitude and encouragement on video and submit them to us. Video submissions were received within a week and edited to a 30-second spot, which was projected onto a fabric backdrop for a more interesting effect. Stills from the video were used for static advertising.

MGM turned around the media plan and took responsibility for their social media buy–all in a very short timeframe. Conversion reporting for the social and online campaign were included as part of this project.


Our goal was to reach the general population of Saskatchewan to say ”thank you.” With our budget allocated for online advertising, we projected 114,285 views and $0.07 CPV, but we achieved 164,772 views and lowered the CPV to $0.05. Our 49.8% view-through rate was 17.9% higher than the national average. We also assembled well-received social and print campaigns which had above-average engagement rates and impressions!

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