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SMA Thank You

The Saskatchewan Medical Association wanted to thank the public for protecting themselves and others against COVID‑19. We knew that to deliver this message, we would have to think outside the box and inside the home. So who better to deliver the message than families? By reaching out to physicians and their families, we were able to gather heartfelt messages of thanks and bring them together into a single expression—all from the comfort of our homes.

MGM Communications and Advertising Agency in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Shared Stories:
Harold Chapman

This project started as a way for Affinity Credit Union to showcase their history and the co-operative values that set them apart. However, we soon realized that this was not just their story to tell—it belongs to those who came before and fought for a fairer system, to those who followed in their footsteps, to everyone who continues to seek out better ways to serve our community. So, instead of sharing Affinity’s history in our own words, we asked someone who was actually there: lifelong co-operative champion Harold Chapman.

About us

Not to toot our own horn, but…

For over three decades, MGM has been Saskatchewan’s creative and strategic branding agency. Over the years, we’ve expanded our digital marketing and in-house video capabilities to ensure brands are best represented and budgets are well-spent. Most importantly, we’ve strived to produce work that makes a difference—always.

What we believe

We believe the key to creating outstanding work together is aligning our philosophies, goals, and methods for driving results.


Brand is your most valuable asset

Brand is whatever people say it is, and their perception, good or bad, is based solely on their individual experiences. As caretakers of brand, it’s our job to ensure everything we do contributes to its success.


Perspective is everything

The work we create is about our clients but for their audience, which is why everything we do is from the audience’s perspective. We put ourselves in their shoes when considering what’s meaningful and relevant.


Nothing happens without engagement

If nobody notices you, the effort and cost that went into delivering your message is lost. That’s why we place a heavy emphasis on developing creative ideas that grab attention. This all-critical first step not only determines the effectiveness of your efforts, it affects your brand—big time.


ROI is more than a number

We can gage the financial return of marketing dollars by determining revenue and cost, but we also need to look at the customer journey, inbound traffic, engagement, impressions, repeat customers, lifetime value, return on influence, audience numbers, and value to customers to truly understand how to increase efficiencies, re-targeting, and revenue.


Differentiating means being different

In highly competitive categories where the lines of distinction are blurred, a high-impact brand is crucial. People don’t spend a lot of time thinking about brands. It’s only when a brand steps out and says or does something truly different that people start seeing them as distinctive or better.


The importance of strategic creative

The most creative ad in the world isn’t worth making if it doesn’t work to achieve its purpose. Conversely, creative that ticks the boxes in a strategy document but fails to get attention falls flat. Effective creative captures attention by being unique but holds that attention by engaging your audience and delivering your key message.


Digital drives brand

Your digital brand should produce the same perception that your “in real life” brand does. That doesn’t mean the strategy is the same—it’s actually quite different. We examine the consumer’s digital behaviour and real-world behaviour, and then apply the information with multiple tools, technology, and tactics to continuously add value to the brand.


Great creative doesn’t rely on big budgets

Don’t get us wrong, we love big budgets (and we cannot lie), but it’s been our experience that impressive budgets aren’t necessarily required to do impressive work. A great idea is still a great idea, even when it’s attached to a smaller budget. We see every project, big or small, as an opportunity to do something different that exceeds expectations.


Do whatever it takes

We’re used to meeting deadlines—even the “impossible ones.” We’re always willing to roll up our sleeves and pull out all the stops to get your requests done effectively and on time—because we know you’re doing the same.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast

A healthy culture is critical to effective strategy. Hiring for fit, inspiring and rewarding people for their efforts, and creating a workplace that offers flexibility and opportunity for growth are some of our most important value propositions—and what enables us to work together like a well-oiled machine churning out phenomenal work.

Services we offer

For any project; for every medium. We’re a full-service, integrated marketing communications agency.


Give us the details, and we’ll give you expertly crafted campaigns for online, print, TV, and social media—wherever your audience is, we’ll get them paying attention.


Our specialty. We uncover the essential brand you were always meant to have, bring it to life, and then put it to work to get you a return on your investment.


Logos, websites, graphics—whatever your needs, our visual experts will create unique, meaningful designs that are custom-tailored to your brand.


Utilizing years of experience, our in-house videography and production team will ensure your brand leaves an impression with TV, web video, and animated content.


We’ll give you a digital audit and analysis, then get your website, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and online content on the right track.


We always deliver impactful, strategic content and marketing copy. Your voice stays on brand—and if you haven’t established a brand voice yet, we’ll craft one for you.

Our clients

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